Mariota or Rivers ROS?

Just want to get ur thoughts on who u thought would b better rest of the season…

This is tough… I’m in the same boat.

If you have space id take both… Especially if your playoff bound.

Mariota @Arizona week 14
@ SF week 15

Then switch to rivers week 16 @ NYJ.

Both have nice schedules rest of season.

If It could only be one and gun to my head. I’d choose rivers

My issue is I hav Goff and now don’t feel confident starting him the rest of the way especially after losing woods I could easily trade for rivers or mariota or I could pick up dalton and tyrod and stream guys like that the rest of the way I jus hate that idea too also I could trade for Brees by giving up Baldwin or McKinnon my issue wit that is my rbs r awful I hav McKinnon ajayi Henry drake and burkhead and at same time if I give this guy Baldwin that will greatly help his team who already is stacked wit wentz Hill Thielen graham and bell…wat do I do???

I don’t follow Rivers but I follow Marriota

He came back injured and needed time…well that time has passed and each week he gets better…I like him a lot the rest of the season.

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