Mariota? Should I Pick Him Up?

Mariota is available on the wire. Should I pick him up for the playoffs? McCown is available to.

McCown is more consistent than Mariota this year.

McCown > Mariota!!!

in my opinion…of course, Mariota’s schedule rest of season is super nice!!! so…I could be wrong. but if I had to choose…I’d choose McCown…in fact…I DID choose McCown! (I had both of them and had to trade one for Keenan Allen! :)) so yeah!!

Choose McCown. I drafted Mariota, picked up Tyrod and McCown this week just to halt some other owners. I’m starting McCown because Mariota isn’t even good in GREAT matchups. Browns, Indiana twice, all subpar performances. He’s not even rushing that much and using play action which is what he’s known for and gave him a decent floor. Mariota will hurt your heart.

-Mariota Victim

I have Keenum. Do you roster two quarterbacks? Would you drop Forte?