Mark Andrews Confidence Level?

I don’t know how I feel about playing Mark Andrews. He obviously has a shot at a TD, but if the Ravens jump out early, the probability of them pulling him early are high.

I picked up Noah Fant and Tyler Higbee today, would you play either over Andrews?

I’d also love to hear some opinions.
Same boat, have Andrews and I picked up Higbee just in case.
Reports yesterday said that Andrews was at practice but it was a walk through.
Today reports say he’s just questionable.
The Jets are the number 2 ranked defense against TEs and I don’t trust him being out there. Plus his back ups are more than capable to carry the load.
I think I’m out…I rather have the high volume of Tyler Higbee over a possible decoy Mark Andrews…who either gets hurt and/or is just out there for TE packages.

I did some research into the Jets ranking and the only team they played with a remotely decent Tight End option was Philly and Zach Ertz had 5 for 57 and a TD.

Correction - They did shut down Darren Waller, but all the Raiders laid a giant turd in that game.

So do you think Andrews should be a start or sit for Higbee?

I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to find out for myself lol.

Haha - right of course.
You’re gonna be my Mark Andrews bud- I’m gonna think about it and read anything comes out and I’ll converse with you tomorrow.

Really curious on it too wish i had a confident take for you guys but Ill be trying to make that same decision with both of you

Same boat right now I have higbee in over Andrews. Trying mitigate the risk

Lets hope for some good new on Andrews today… I really dont wanna play OJ Howard in the Semi final…

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Same here, my opponent has hooper against the niners so I’m just gonna hope there’s not much in the difference between the 2 of them. I know if I drop Andrews for someone else he’ll have a big game.
So I’m just gonna roll with him. Who does your opponent have at TE?

Looking across at hooper as well haha

I’m just hoping he’s not a game time decision, cos where I am the game start at 1.30am, and I’m starting work at 5am so I plan on being asleep!!!

Oh man set yourself an alarm to just make sure or something. Thatd suck to lose a semi final with a zero if they sit him out last minute

I have decided today I can’t play him. The way everyone’s phrasing the news is he is gonna give it a go or attempt to play. Not very assuring. Plus, if they get up big like they expect to, why would you risk it when you have 2 other more than serviceable tight ends?

He is going to get 20-30 snaps and my guess is 4 receptions max. If one isn’t a TD you’re screwed. I have Fant and Higbee on my roster and I just feel better going with one of them. Might pick up Ian Thomas though if Olsen is out

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I’m not playing him. He’s banged up, limited reps. giant spread and should be a lot of rushing attempts in the game. if they get a lead, gus edwards will be in and other starters pulled. why risk it on Baltimore’s end??

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I’ve had a rethink also, I’ve taken him out of my lineup also, for now, I’m sure I’ll put him back in and take him out several more times between now and kick-off!! Damn, playoffs are no fun…

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Oh well, this Andrews Anonymous meeting is going well.

I didn’t like that note I saw on yahoo today either. I think I will also not play him and just cross my fingers for no Everett.

Can they just rule him out for all of our sakes lol


…if Andrews does play and gets a TD, I know I can come here for a full blown panic attack.


Struggling between OJ Howard and Mark Andrews. Feels like this shouldn’t be a struggle by any means and I should feel confident rolling out Andrews as long as he suits up. I just…I just don’t have that confidence. Looking across at Kittle doesn’t make this any easier.