Mark Andrews Keeper Trade

Super Bowl just ended which means it is time to start trading for 2020!! 12 team PPR league where we keep 2 players in round they were drafted.

I was offered Mark Andrews (10th round keeper) for my 4th round pick (47th overall). Just trying to gauge everybody’s thoughts on Andrews Keeper value. Is this a good start? My initial reaction is that it is too much but Andrews in the 10th is a pretty solid value

My keepers aren’t great but so early in offseason that it’s hard for me to fully gauge draft position and keeper value. For example, I have AJ Brown and Terry Mclaurin as possible 7th round keepers or Arob as a 5th. Can only keep 2 so not sure if giving up a 4th for Andrews in the 10th outweighs just keeping somebody I have.

Thanks for any insight!

So you’d be spending your 4th and 10th to keep Andrews? Sounds like a good deal to me. I’d happily take him in the 4th. His ADP next season will likely be lower than that. 3rd rounder around Kittle’s value pre '19

So you’d have to pay a 4th and 10th round for him… I’m not sure I’d do that to be honest. It completely depends on your other keepers, but AJ Brown in the 7th is a must-keep for me. Arob in the 5th isn’t bad either. What would you have to give up for both Mclaurin and Brown? 6th and 7th? 7th and 8th? Is it even possible?

I’d look to target another TE post round 5. Goedert is a sneaky option, healthy Njoku with season 3 Baker, Cook, plenty of options.

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If I kept Mclaurin and AJ Brown it’d be a 7th and 8th. But yeah Andrews essentially would cost me a 4th and 10th.

I feel like Arob in 5th or Mclaurin 8th might be just as valuable as Andrews for 4th and 10th.

I’m leaning Arob in the 5th just cause he’s much more proven, consistent, and somehow has a more competent QB.

AJ Brown for a 7th is the best value out of any of these players. I’d rather have Allen Robinson for a 5th than Andrews for a 4th+10th. McLaurin is also probably a better keep for value than Andrews. I posted earlier but I just was considering Andrews for his cost, which is also great value. But your current players are much better values.

^ This. I think you have to decide if you believe he’s going to be OK if Tannehill doesn’t come back (unlikely)… but AJ Brown is already being pegged as 2020’s Chris Godwin. I’m not sure I see top 5 potential, but he seems like a safe WR2 with upside.