Mark Andrews or Darren Waller

Which one is best start this week? Who has best trade value?

Waller is the safest option for the rest of the year. Andrews has higher upside, but a lower floor with Lamar Jackson’s passing ability (not yet established). If Andrews goes off this week, it might be a good time to trade him high.


I would go with Waller I own Him in in one league and he just get a insane number of targets if he starts bringing in a few TDs he will be a monster.
I like him better both this week and rest of season.

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im with chaseboat. Waller seems super safe with how many targets he is getting weekly and Andrews has that boom potential more often.

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Thanks guys! Yea I’ve been debating each week which one is the better option. I’ve Been missing out on points rotating them, like last week started Andrews when Waller went off… week two started Waller and Andrew went off. so it’s time to get rid of one lol. I’ve been leaning Waller ros so I’m glad ya’ll have similar thoughts