Mark Andrews VS. Elijah Moore

10 team. 1/2PPR. 1QB. 3WR. 2RB. 1TE. 2FLX.

QB - Lamar, Hurts, Darnold
RB - N. Harris, Trey Sermon, AJ Dillon
WR - Juju, Kupp, D. Samuel, J. Chase, D. Smith, Julio, Brandin Cooks.
TE - Mark Andrews, Kyle Pitts.

Got offered Elijah Moore Darrell Henderson and a 2024 First for Mark Andrews.

I like the offer, but I love the Baltimore QB/TE stack.
I think Moore and the pick help my team long term, but the comfort of two top 6 TE’s is nice too.

I’m on the fence.


Sermon is currently your RB2, so you NEED Henderson, more than a little. That’s a pretty good bounty for a TE, so I’m pulling that trigger yesterday.

You’ll probly need to pick up another top tennish TE off the waiver wire to cover you until Pitts gets up to speed (and that may not be until 2022), but that’s a small price to pay to patch a glaring hole in your roster like RB2. AND you get a first round pick? Fuhgeddaboudit.

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I pulled the trigger on it. It was too good to pass up.

It was so hard because I realized I was emotionally attached to Andrews.

Putting a claim in for Dan Arnold. About the only TE worth claiming on waivers.

Finish this sentence…

The top 5 TEs in PPR points per game in 2020 were Travis Kelce, Darren Waller, George Kittle, Mark Andrews and ______________.

C.J. Uzomah

You’re welcome.

(If you’re not feeling THAT brave, maybe Firkser or Cook.)

but that’s only true if you look at the season avg. he’s only played 2 games till he torn his achilles… 11 targets, 8 catches for 1 TD in 2 games is not too overwhelming in my eyes. :man_shrugging:

If it was overwhelming, he’d be a sixth round pick. Think of it more as a clue. Have you multiplied those numbers by 8 to prorate them for a 16 game season? The fact that Uzomah caught Joe Burrow’s first NFL TD pass isn’t insignificant, either–you always remember your first.

Uzomah labored behind Tyler Eifert for a few years before presumably emerging into the spotlight last year–only to go down after two games. But his usage in those two games portends good things in an offense that hasn’t changed much since last year–and has a lot of inexperienced players at its other receiver positions.