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Mark Ingram 2017 Thread


Everything Mark Ingram related. I personally still see him as a high end RB2 in PPR formats. What is everyone’s opinion on his outlook for this season?


I don’t mind Ingram this year. If I draft him it’ll because the guys I wanted more are gone.

My only real issue is that I’d only feel real good about having him if I can cuff AP, but there’s no way AP isn’t going to be drafted much too early.


I agree that AP would be nice to have. The only issue with this duo is their ADP. People are getting these guys right around the 3-5th round and I don’t know if I can invest that much in both of them. I am not sure if they are going to have as much stand alone value to warrant that high of a pick.

I think you’re right that most other guys are worth it at that price. I think that Ingram is going to start dropping below AP however because of all the hype out of camp and when that happens, I would be inclined to get him as my 2/3rd RB after I have a stud or two at WR


Ingram was going to be my target RB in my PPR league until the Saints picked up Adrian Peterson and drafted Alvin Kamara. Now, I don’t know what to think. I’m lucky though because my league-mates are Vikings rubes, and AP will most likely be drafted over Ingram. I might be able to pick Ingram up in the fifth or sixth round as a flex option.


I’ve owned Ingram for about 3 years now in my dynasty league. I’m huge AP fan but to be honest I don’t AP kicking ass this season I think he’s done. Alvin Kamara is a really good back & the saints traded up to get him. Kamara pro comparison is jamal Charles 5"11 214 pounds just almost the same size as Charles as well. With all that being said I think Ingram will be traded next season & they pretty much holding on to him just in case if Peterson goes down. But I really think it’s going to be Kamara show in the next season or so. And it pains me to say it cause I was hoping Ingram would finally be the guy when Hightower left.


I’m not touching any saints running backs this year. Why would you want Ingram when they sign a HOF RB and draft a rookie satellite back? I only want Ingram if AP gets hurt or vice versa.


I kind of echo what Luke said. The Saints are a team that puts up a lot of points and I would be willing to invest in an RB committee, but this is an RB board room. You will never be able to predict who will get the ball and where they will get it. I very seriously would not be surprised if he gets traded. I am really pulling for the 49ers. I think he would be a good fit with that offense.


Agreed. Granted the NO offense is potent and will score a lot of points, but there are too many high-cost (ADP) options in the running game at the moment to get the payout necessary to make it worthwhile. Maybe the preseason will reveal some things, but for now it feel like a better version of the mess that’ll be Cincy’s backfield as people try to guess the Mixon/Hill/Gio timeshare.