Mark Ingram and Keenan Allen for Todd Gurley and Austin ekeler

Like the title says, full ppr, 12 man, limited flex options on waivers
The rest of my roster
Qb: Brees, luck
Wr: OBJ, julio, Corey Davis
Rb: Melvin Gordon, Lamar miller, Nayheim hynes, Alf blue, rojo,duke j jr

I feel like I’d be hurting my flex pretty hard. Waivers are thin but there is probably a couple people i have my eye on for upside. Let me know what y’all think. Thanks

I would absolutely do it. You’re good at WR. Capitalize on Gurley.

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I sent the offer, we shall see if he accepts. Going over targets and Corey Davis has the same as Keenan Allen, obviously vastly different quality of offense. But hey it has to count for something.

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Say he doesn’t accept. Would it be worth adding drew brees? He’s a saints fan but he already has Aaron Rodgers

Still no response, he’s probably considering it. I’m thinking I want to get this deal done. Instead of offering Drew Brees, I could add the Texans rbs on top of Allen and Ingram. He could use rb and wr help and has a losing record. I’m liking the idea of being able to have gurley in the line up even if it costs me. Would this be over over paying?
Update: He countered me for Melvin and Odell. And I don’t think that’s worth gurley.