Mark Ingram and Tyler Boyd for David Montgomery and Breshad Perriman?

I was just offered a trade in my 0.5 PPR 14 team league.

His Mark Ingram and Tyler Boyd for my David Montgomery and Breshad Perriman

This is my team:

This is his team:

Should I accept the trade or is there a counter offer I should do?

My concern is that Dobbins is going to take over the back field as the season progresses, thus making Ingram obsolete.

Thanks everyone!

I don’t think this trade helps you enough to be worth it. I might look to impove your rb 2 or wr1 but this trade seems more like spinning your wheels.

Nah. I’d decline that offer. Ingram won’t be the starter for much longer. And Chicago is hellbent on Montgomery getting a solid workload.