Mark Ingram Early Season Schedule

Baltimore in their first 6 weeks faces off against MIA, ARI, KC, CLE, PIT, and CIN. Respectively, those defenses last year finished 4, 1, 3, 11, 23, 2 in most fantasy points allowed to RBs. While I don’t necessarily like Ingram, these match-ups early on for him are hard to ignore. After a potential hot start his trade value could rise and you could dump him off after say week 3 when the defenses get in theory better. Let me know your thoughts on this strategy and if this changes what your are doing in drafts at all. I know BAL has traditionally been a by-committee backfield so there is risk involved as well.

PSA - Buy Justice Hill.

I definitely agree but is he going to have an impact early on in the season?

I’m approaching this from dynasty perspective. But even in seasonal leagues, he’s worth a late round stash. Regardless of whether or not ingram retains that lead role, I think Hill has a good shot at becoming relevant.

The Ravens tend to jump from starter to starter 3 times a year. Thinking they will have 1 consistant starter provides enough medical proof of brain death that an MD can have your organs donated.