Mark Ingram for Cam Newton?

Lost Aaron Rodgers last week. Need to replace my QB1.

I was offered Cam Newton for Mark Ingram.

Here’s my team:
QB: Carr, Tyrod
RB: Martin, Ingram, Mixon, Henry, Charles
WR: Thomas, Hogan, Diggs, Hilton
TE: Engram

I’m torn. What do you guys think?

I wouldn’t do it. QB1s are replaceable, but a solid RB2 is hard to replace, especially since we really don’t have much to go on with Martin.

Tyrod this week is a good QB streamer though.

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I would never trade for a QB unless his name is Deshaun Watson… and that’s only because I’m a Clemson fan and extremely biased. Cam is hot right now but remember how bad he’s been for the past season and a half? I agree with Croutonman, stream QBs unless you can get one in a package trade where you’re getting the best non-qb player in the bunch. If I were you, I would try to shop Ingram around to a team that needs an RB and see if you can get a better, more consistent RB/WR out of them. Hope this helps!

Such as trading Mark Ingram for like AJ Green (or Green-type player)?

Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated

Yeah exactly… I doubt anyone would go for that trade straight-up, but you have the idea. If someone did go for that, then you just made the deal of a lifetime. Realistically, you could probably package Ingram and another above average player (i.e. Tyreek Hill) for a STUD like Green. Basically you want to trade more lesser-quality players for less greater-quality players. When I say players, I almost exclusively mean RB/WR/TEs.

If you’re on the other side of that and you can trade away a QB for a RB/WR/TE, then I think it’s smart for you.