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Mark Ingram pickup and stash?


Mark Ingram was dropped in my league and was thinking of picking him up and stashing.

Zeek Elliot
Kenyan Drake
Rashaad penny
Marlon Mack
Are my other RBs, was thinking of dropping Mack? Maybe penny?

Thoughts guys?


Football is back!!!:football:!!!


what are your other bench players? of the rbs id drop mack for him but id see if there’s someone less worthy of being rostered than mack because theres a chance mack is the guy this year for them, but i think ingram must be rostered.


Drop mack. I’m not dropping anyone else for Ingram. But mack is an easy drop.


Ingram should not be on the waivers unless its an 8 or maybe 10 man. I’d be fine with dropping mack for him for sure. Probably fine with dropping penny for him too but would rather wait and see on Penny. I’m sure you have WR drop options available as well.


That’s what I was leaning towards. :metal:


Yea man that’s why I’m jumping at the chance!
I have
Keenan Allen
Devonta Adams
Larry Fitzgerald
Josh Gordon
Chris hogan
Corey Davis
Pierre Garcon
…are my WRs and I’m wanting to see how they on out. Maybe drop Gordon?


Was thinking the same about Mack…
I got…
Corey Davis
Pierre Garcon
Josh Gordon
Chris hogan
…also on the bench


WTF? No. Do not drop josh gordon for Mark Ingram. I’d keep all your WRs. Just drop mack.


Agreed sir :metal:


Mack 100%. Ingram will be better when he comes back