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Mark Ingram’s Value


The Jerrick McKinnon owner in my league also has Mark Ingram and I’d like to make a move for him, but I’m trying to estimate his value. Here’s what I’ve got…Is James White and Bilal Powell for Ingram too low?


I think it’s low for Ingram. You’re offering RB2/3 for an almost sure fire RB1 when he gets off suspension. I have Ingram on my team and I wouldn’t even consider it. The only way I would think anyone would consider that trade is if they were really hurting for RBs, but I don’t think someone would draft Ingram without adequate RB depth to get them through the first 4 weeks.


It was an auction draft, .5 PPR. Their other RBs are Chris Thompson, Ajayi, and CJ Anderson. So yeah, they’re hurting.


Then I’d offer it, what do you have to lose? Worst case they say no or make a counter.


Low ball trade offers can lead to owners not wanting to deal with you at all for the rest of the season and roll their eyes whenever they see your name pop up. Don’t be that guy, offer something interesting to get the talk started at least.

Honestly, if I was the Ingram owner and desperate, I would be either going heavy on waivers or asking for your Alex Collins (immediate solution for my gape at RB) despite the low offer.

But im not that high on Alex Collins so it’s biased.


Yeah. That’s my only issue. I hate being that guy. I’m actually big on Collins. I think he’ll be a high end 2 most of the year. I may offer up Marlon Mack too.