Mark Ingram Trade Help!

I’m thinking of trading Mark Ingram or Jordan Howard for AJ Green. Would you do that trade and who would you trade?

I have Tyler Boyd & Kupp but would sub kupp out for green when it comes to rams bye week.

Hard to know what Green’s status is going to be since they are going to re-evaluate in 2 weeks. I have all three (Ingram/Howard/AJ) and I’m trying to deal Ingram to get a sub for AJ. What is your RB depth?

I just posted something about trading Ingram for MVS to sub for AJ. If I’m the AJ owner in your league, I wouldn’t take Ingram for AJ, especially if he’s only out for 2-3 weeks.

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I have gurley, Jordan howard, ingram & chubb. yeldon on my bench as well

Yeah, so if I’m the AJ owner and I can absorb the hit to WR (assuming that Green is out for only 2 weeks) then I’m either not trading him or I’m maybe packaging him with a low end RB3 (i.e. Carlos Hyde/Corey Clement range) and pushing you for Ingram + Kupp or something like that to get back a startable WR. Just my two cents.