Mark Ingram/Tyreek Hill for Jordan Howard/Robert Woods?

Should I make this trade? It’s full PPR My team is:
QB: Rivers
WR: Thielen
WR: Landry
RB: Zeke
RB: Chris Thompson
TE: Engram
Flex: Tyreek Hill

B: Carlos Hyde
B: Tyler Lockett
B: Keelan Cole
B: James White
B: Mark Ingram
B: John Ross

I wouldnt give up Hill if I dont have too, Id rather see if theyd take Cole and Id give up Landry before I gave up HIll. But as you can see Im pretty high on Tyreek so take that into consideration.

I am not as high on Hill, and high on Howard. But looks like your team needs some added running back punch, which Howard gives. Hard to wait 4 weeks for Ingram to be playable. Thompson would still be a capable flex option.

I feel you I really like hill, have him in 2 leagues I just feel I need a second solid rb maybe I’ll offer Landry although I’m pretty high on Landry this year for PPR

What other WRs would this team have to offer you? Maybe you can get someone better than Woods?

He’s got Demaryius Thomas as his wr1 Robert Woods devante Parker and DJ Moore lol not much to work with

Yea I was gona suggest Landry but full ppr he is a monster, Maybe Hill for Howard straight up? Throw in Lockett or Cole if neccessary.