Mark Walton or Devante Parker

Mark Walton is available right now in one of my leagues. Should I drop Devante Parker for Mark Walton? This is a 1/2ppr with 2wrs, 2rbs & one flex. I’m currently in 1st place in this league. My current RBs & WRs are:

D. Adams
T. Boyd
Desean Jackson
D.J. Chark
Devante Parker

Aaron Jones
Nick Chubb
Tevin Coleman
Latavius Murray
Alexander Mattison

I’d stick with Parker over Walton. Miami will always be down, so throwing, especially with Fitzmagic, is always in their gameplan, meaning work for Parker.

I agree with the comment above. If Walton can catch passes that would be a plus. I would wait until waivers run too because Parker is another name that could be shipped out by the deadline so he could be playing for someone else next week. They said the Saints are looking for another weapon.