Marlon Mack for Keelan Cole

Marlon Mack was dropped in one of my leagues. Would you drop Cole to add him for his potential future value?


Would you drop any of these guys for Marlon Mack?
Chris Hogan
Mark Ingram
Isaiah Crowell
Kerryon Johnson
Aaron Jones
Josh Gordon

I got a bench full of of Mustaches …

No I wouldn’t drop any of those names for Mack

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And I wouldn’t drop Cole for Mack either. Mack already looks like hes going to be in a timeshare in a bad offense. Cole is the #1 WR on a team. He’ll have some blow up games too, the dude is an unreal deep ball receiver and it’s only his 2nd year in the league. Believe it or not he led the league in rookie receiving yards last year


What about Eli Manning? I’m a Giants fan and I’m holding out hope that Eli actually produces with all the weapons he has this year but I’m definitely having him on my bench for this week in favor of Tyrod Taylor. Is he drop-able

It depends. I think Kerryon’s fate is murky right now and Mack is a RB4 with RB2 upside. Will Kerryon get a larger role? Probably. Will it be enough? I don’t think so, we’re still talking about Detroit. I probably wouldn’t drop him right now but I wouldn’t hold it much longer.

Yes. Drop Manning.

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Actually that stat was wrong. Ignore the rookie receiving yards thing

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Tyrod and Manning are both streamers so feel free to drop and add as you see fit. I believe in manning this year so I think sooner rather than later you’ll see strong production from him.

@philgruneich why you like Mack so much? Last year behind Frank Gore he didn’t impress, now the Colts have two other rookie running backs to compete with him. Andrew Luck still doesn’t really look like a world-beater so give us the best case scenario for why Mack is worth picking up please?

I don’t think that’s liking a player too much, I do think he’s in a better situation (since the competition was disappointing) and can break a few huge plays to flex based on matchup.

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I feel like the RB with Andrew Luck typically isn’t very good. One good year from Gore but outside of that it’s been rough.

Gore got 1200+ yards from scrimmage every season in the Colts, 2017 was a down year for his TDs (4) but the other 2 years with the Colts he had 8 and 7 TDs. What has been declining steadily is his big play potential, which Mack actually covers.