Marlon mack for oj Howard

I have Ebron, I may need Howard for Ebrons bye week. I would like Mack as my RB2 over Lindsey, or collins. Is this a good trade.

WHoever gets Mack wins.

Thanks @MikeMeUpp. I guess I should have been clearer, I have Ebron and Howard. Im trying to trade away Howard to the mack owner and wanted to make sure it was a good trade, the mack owner has hooper who’s on a bye this week.

side note vance McDonald and Watson are on waivers, which one would I want to grab for ebrons bye week next week if the trade goes through

As much as I love OJ Howard, he’s probably one of my favorites, unless the other team is desperate for a TE and Howard starts from him every week and he is rich at RBs, I doubt he will entertain that trade.

Vance is a better player but tougher matchup. Watson has the better matchup vs rams who are awful vs TE.