Marlon Mack on waivers, should I pick him up?

I’m in a 12 team .5 PPR, should I pick up Marlon Mack, and if so, which one should I drop:
DeSean Jackson
Latavius Murray
Derek Carr

Another note, I have QB Alex Smith, and he’s on a bye on wk 4.

Drop Carr. No idea why you have 2 mediocre, arguably 1 horrible QB in a single QB league.

You think Alex Smith is horrible?
21/30 - 255 yds - 2 TDs in week 1, a top 12 QB. I beg to differ. Carr, I agree didn’t do much in the 2nd half.

I said 2 mediocre / arguably 1 horrible QB between Smith who had a near MVP season last year and Derek Carr and you thought I meant Alex smith as the horrible one? Do you even watch football?

Edit: also one game and 1 QB1 finish, doesn’t tell the whole story. Esp when its against a horrible team. From a fantasy perspective, Smith has been a mediocre producer for the majority of his career. last year was the only exception. There’s other options on waiver close to him. So don’t see why you would need to roster both him and carr.

I didn’t think Alex was even mediocre, and I’m hoping he isn’t this year either. Time will tell.

We stock 2 b/c you don’t know what anyone is going to do with all the roster changes. if they get hurt, and one might be better than others as the season goes on. There’s a dude that has 3 QBs. why IDK. But anyhoo. I appreciate the input. And b/c of this discussion, I dropped Carr and picked up Tyrod Taylor.HA

With all that being said, should I still pick up M. Mack and drop either of the 2?

I love tyrod way more than I like Carr. Decent streaming option. Especially if your league using 4 pt passing TD scoring. Also way better floor than Derek Carr.

If I have a league with someone rostering 3 QBs, it doesn’t really make me alter my strat. Cause it means the rest of their team probably sucks. And as they deal with injuries and players who bust, eventually, they’re either going to have to drop the QB so you get them for free, or trade them away for cheap. If someone else is willing to sacrifice their season by holding 3 QBs, let them. Take advantage and grab skilled players on the cheap.

I’d still drop Tyrod for Mack though to see if he can get anything established in the run game. Smith is a better stream this week vs Indy than Tyrod is against Saints.

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