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Marlon Mack on waivers

In a half point ppr league do you drop someone to pick him up in case he comes back end of season for playoff run? I got Jonathan Williams when he went down l. Just curious. Someone dropped him in my league Friday

If I could make a spot, i would

Depends on who you have, but I would if have someone to drop, especially since you also have Jonathan Williams. Guarantees a viable play if Mack comes back early. Indy has a tough week 14 and 15, but week 16 is a good matchup and theoretically Mack will return by that point (read he was targeting a week 14 return, but we all know that could easily slip out a couple weeks).

Here is my roster. I’ve been so close to dropping Sony Michel too many times, but it just seems like you can’t drop him.

Yeah, that’s a tough call. I think I’d still hold Michel, especially with his upcoming schedule even though he hasn’t been very good this season. You don’t have many options for RB (Howard should return but who knows when and Murray is really only useable if Kamara is out). I think I would rather drop one of the 6 WRs depending on schedule matchups and who you think you’ll play.