Marlon Mack on waivers!

8 team league with deep waivers - and Mack is on waivers! Who do I drop to pick up Mack? Or do I leave him on waivers?

  • Aaron Jones (I also have Jamaal)
  • Kerryon
  • Michel
  • Keep Mack on waivers?

I’d pick him up, he’s a starting RB. Jones’ and Kerryon’s roles are not set. I suspect they will be in a backfield by committee for most of the season. Hines and Wilkins havent exactly flashed and Turbin will have a limited role when he returns. I think Mack will emerge as a pretty clear RB on that team.

I’d leave him on the waivers, with Jones and Williams you’ll have a much better backfield locked up. Mack looks like he’s going to be in a timeshare on a team where the RB never does great. Kerryon for Mack is personal preference because they’re in similar situations, but I think Kerryon is a better player so I’d take him. Michel has the highest upside of all these guys so I would wait on him.

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@crhempel @Nicknj12 thanks! The 8 team 6 bench spot scenario makes it so difficult. Not sure if I should be holding guys with potential (those 3 listed RBs above), or grab a guy that’s definitely starting. Like I said, waivers are deep, so plenty of guys to drop. Of the 3, I lean Jones… But I may regret that if I found out he’s the starter over Jamaal…

I’ve noticed in 8 teams you will always have good waiver options so don’t over think it and only pick someone up if you’re ready to start them.

I think it depends on your starting line up. Do you want more upside on your bench or someone more reliable? I think you will most likely need that in a 8team league. I like your bench and would keep it the way it is.

All of those guys are talented. Michel and Jones are on high powered offenses. You should definitely be keeping them.