Marlon Mack or Alvin Kamara rest of season?

I’ll only be able to grab one off waivers this week, so who should I take thre chance with?

Kamara’s got the guaranteed role so i’d go with him. I feel like you’d only target Mack if you missed out on Kamara.

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Yeah. If you can’t get Kamara, I myself will be going to be aggressive with Mack, he’s going to be more involved and will be a good stash.

I agree with you both. I’m going to prioritize Kamara but if he goes I’ll get Mack (#2 waiver priority). I feel like having Gore on my team is making it a little more necessary than normal to get Mack if i can.

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I just realized my situation isn’t so simple. Kamara was dropped today bc the owner didn’t have a kicker, so he won’t go through waivers until Thursday, not Wednesday. Should I risk not putting any claims in until Wed hoping that the person with the #1 priority doesnt do the same?

what does his roster look like, does he need a RB? I like to put myself in the shoes of the other owner in this situation and see what I would do on the waivers with this team.

He’s got Gurley, Miller, T. West and Breida, so theres a slight chance he may do the same. I’m hoping he doesn’t notice the waiver date and puts claims in for other players, bumping me up to #1.