Marlon Mack or Derrick Henry

I’m looking to pick up Aaron Jones on waiver but have trouble deciding who to drop. Marlon Mack or Derrick Henry? I also have Rob Kelley but think he’s the top of the two. Any suggestions?

Turbin is out which helps out Mack. Though the matchup next week makes Henry better.

I’m looking more long term which is why sticking with Mack is looking like the better choice the more I think about it. But Jones is a definite pick up amongst these two right?

I know what you mean. Henry is a great cuff only sure. Mack can perform, as long as the coach would follow through with the promise that he’s earned a bigger role, and he deserves it.

I don’t really want Jones, I believe the more Montgomery gets closer to 100%, the less snaps Jones will have.

So if you were in my shoes you’d stick with it and not pick Jones up? Would you rank Rob Kelley the top of those three? Bilal Powell is on waiver as well as Latavius Murry too, but I was thinking Jones was the top of those choices.

I believe Jones is best on the waiver pick up over Murray or Powell.

I don’t know how I feel about Kelley. I thought Perine looked good to take over until the season started, but kind of a non factor right now. With Kelley out, C. Thompson has been lighting it up, also as a great pass catcher. He’s been really productive. I could see Thompson getting majority until Rob is healthy, or just simply a mess of a backfield rest of season, eating at each other’s value.

Thanks for the insight!

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Even with the lip service of the OC and coaches saying Mack is going to get more work, and then this past week 2 carries, I think the Turbin injury is huge for him. Also long term, doesn’t look like Luck will be back anytime soon or at all, so I think once the Colts are out of it they may phase Gore out even more since he’s 34, and get a really good look at Mack who I believe is their future at the position.