Marlon Mack or Kerryon Johnson

16 team PPR dynasty league. I currently have Johnson. The Mack owner wants to straight up trade. Which one do you want?

Johnson is better when healthy. Just depends on if you want to deal with that stress or not. Mack is the safe play.

I prefer Kerryon Johnson.

Does the PPR format make either more appealing?

PPR is why it’s an easy decision for me.

I’d expect Kerryon to receive between 40-70 targets.

I’d expect Mack to receive between 25-40 targets.

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for me, not even close. i want Kerryon. i like mack, and this isnt a shot at him. but his game is very dependent on game script, which is great if you guess right. Kerryon i think will be good no matter what the game script is. only thing that will change that is the usual, how everyone plays. i did some numbers on KJ not too long ago. i think he has a solid chance to be a top 10 RB. i have him pegged more at RB14-17 but i like a guy who can get up into that near elite category.

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KJ and don’t even think it’s close. Aside from the fact that he has literally zero involvement in the pass game, this is also dynasty. He is a byproduct of a fantastic offensive line and offense. Every year will be a risk of replacement for him. But the most frightening stat is below:

Team is ahead by 10 or less: 7.8 ppg (20 games)

Colts lead by 10+: 21 ppg (6 games)

Those are some frightening statistics. No RB in the NFL is more gamescript dependent than Mack which makes sense given his lack of involvement in receiving game. Basically unless the colts are blowing teams out (any point differential more than 1 possession is considered a blowout in NFL) which only happens around 25% of the time, he isn’t even worth a flex start.

If kJ is used the way he should then i say him by a landslide. He is super talented and with riddick gone that should help a lot in the pass game. Mack is solid but I expect luck to be airing it out a lot and none of those passes are going to mack