Marlon Mack’s trade value? Sell high candidate?

I’m in a full-PPR league and have Lindsay & Mack as my default flex options. As I hoped, Mack went off this week against the hapless Raiders. My original plan is to use his as part of a package for a WR1.

My question is: what kind of WR1 can he net me in a vacuum as a major part of the package? And is it worth it?

Possibly I’d go for someone in the lower tier. Maybe someone like Mike Evans who has good upside. I’d say him specifically but he might be a bit high target after this last game.

If you can sell Mack for a WR1, I’d take that deal for sure. They’ve had back to back cake matchups and great game scripts. And problem with mack is health. Or even mack+

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Yeah, it’s most like going to need to take a package. I definitely see him as game script dependent. But today’s game was surprisingly more competitive than I anticipated and I can spin it as him doing well in a neutral game script.

A WR I’d target that hasn’t produced and the owner is desperate would be K.Allen

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mack’s upcoming matchups arent that great so I would look to deal him. I got him in a trade this week, got my win, and now packing him off. He is on BYE next week though.

The Keenan Allen owner in my league is in a dire situation, although behind Allen he doesn’t have much in terms of WRs behind him.