Marlon Mack trade Value help!

I want to try and trade for Marlon Mack. What is his trade value? Is he a buy low? Is he a throw some solid players at? Is McLaurin plus singletary sound about right?

My roster:
Cmc, Sanders, Coleman, singletary, Coleman, Darrell Williams.
Juju,cooks, Boyd, diggs, McLaurin, Sanders, Tate.
Andrews and Waller…

He definitely isn’t buy low. He is a top 6 RB so far on the year. If I had Mack I would want more than Singletary and McLaurin. Singletary had 1 good game and got hurt. It depends on the other teams needs honestly at what a fair asking price would be.

I have Mack in a few leagues and would only trade him for a RB2 and WR2 or TE1. It all depends on their roster and how you can patch their holes because giving up a RB1 would be large downgrade to any team.

My guess is you would have to offer Juju and Sanders to even start the conversation.

Marlon Mack’s trade value is high right now, while Singletary is hurt and McClaurin has a hamstring issue according to Thursday’s report. You might have to wait until both guys have value again after week 4.