Marlon Mack Value

Hey guys,

I drafted Marlon Mack in a dynasty league this season.
Now one of the other team owners wants to trade for him, “offering any of his draft picks”.

I am a bit torn about getting a good pick for next years draft, but going into this season with only:

Todd Gurley
Shady McCoy
Damien Williams
Jalen Richard
Aaron Jones

at RB and pretty much nothing left on waivers.

Is Mack a potential three-down back next season with Gore not around anymore ?

Thanks for advice and every opinion you share with me.

Cheers from germany.

I guess it depends on where you think his draft pick is going to be. If it’s early in the 1st, and there’s a chance you can land Giece, Chubb, Barkley, or Freeman with the pick, it will more than make up for the loss of Mack. You’ll be thin at RB this season even with Mack on your team. Gore and Turbin will have to fail before Mack gets too much play. Gore is Gore and the coaches love Turbin.