Marlon Mack

Will he be an RB1 ROS? Or RB2

I have him too, really excited to see what he can do. The line is improving, he has a decent schedule, Turbin is hurt, Wilkins lost his chance, Hines can catch but won’t get many rushes. He has a golden opportunity on a great offense with little competition. If all goes well I would say high end RB2, but we have to wait and see. He’e got to stay healthy too, he hasn’t been able to do that quite yet.

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Would you start Marlon Mack over Ito Smith this week?

Buffalo is a good defense but Mack is on a very good offense. Alot of teams have struggled against the Bills, but I’ve had Luck on my team so many times. He can play against anyone, I don’t think they’ll have too much trouble getting down the field.

The Falcons/Giants game is a weird matchup. Both teams are having strange seasons. I can see Smith getting a couple shots on the goal line, I don’t think he has the ceiling that Mack has though. If I had to choose I would go with Mack, he is the official starter on his team. If you choose Smith I would have no issue, he has 3 games in a row with a touchdown, his role should only get bigger. Without those scores however, he would be unstartable. If he didn’t get touchdowns in those games his point total the last 3 weeks in my league would be 6.3, 1.5, and 3.1. Mack’s upside is just higher as far as im concerned. Hope your matchup goes well tomorrow.

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I agree with @nfalcon1. No problem starting ito but I like the upside of mack more

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I appreciate your guys’ input. I’m technically favored in my matchup, but being 3-3 I really need the win and need a safe floor