Marquise Brown Faab

Rookie Marquise Browne dropped on waivers how much yearly faab would you drop on him in a dynasty league ??? Got 100

so this faab doesnt reset right? its not offseason faab then season faab? cause if its full year faab then not a ton… rookie on a running D team and a QB who is known more for running also instead of throwing. i would put out there… 7$. just so i can out bid the 5 bidders and the guys trying to out bid them by 1.

Cheers I went $10 as it was a startup and don’t have many decent rookies
Probly too much
Yep it is season long faab


Whoa that is some bad advice right there.

Marquise Brown in dynasty. Yeah no big deal, just a 1st round rookie pick, 9th round pick in dynasty start ups, in the conversation for most talented wr in this year’s draft class: you know, total loser. Just chuck a couple bucks out there, because everyone knows the waiver wire in dynasty is just chock full of quality players. I mean, someone is liable to drop Saquon any day now, you’re going to want to save your faab for that.

On a more serious note, I don’t know the format of your dynasty league. Maybe it’s a 3 team league. Maybe you have only 10 total player rosters. But in any normal dynasty league, Marquise Brown should never ever ever ever ever ever be on the waiver wire. I don’t know how he could possibly be available in any serious league.

So the correct answer is, assuming this is something approaching a normal dynasty, somewhere between almost all and 100% of your faab.

Thanks I did win him the other day I’m very happy … I was very confused that he was dropped as it’s a paid 10 team 25 roster league - superflex - idp
I’m new to dynasty
Only two people made a claim on him haha

so your advise is to blow everything on one guy who MIGHT do well for a running offense with a running QB throwing it to him? my friend, thats the bad advise. maybe i should be more bullish on him and bid more, but im not wasting everything on one guy and leaving myself screwed for the REST of the year. dont be an ass and think you know all. there are many opinions out there, thats what these forms are for.

Wow i’m shocked this happened in your league. Brown def should never have been dropped but you winning him for $10 is actually kind of insane. On the low end, Brown is worth a high 2nd round rookie pick. On the high end, a high 1st round pick. He was going in the 10-12th round in most startups. Drafted in the 1st. Regardless of whether or not you believe in the talent, you have to take a shot cause waivers for most dynasty leagues rarely produce any start worthy players. I consider myself lucky if I get someone off waivers who I could flip for a 3rd round rookie pick. Unlike redrafts where you want to save FAAB and bid on backup RBs when starters go down, in dynasty, basically all backups and handcuffs are already owned so that opportunity rarely shows itself. If I saw brown in my leagues, I would use 100% of my faab on him but it’s also about knowing your leagues. Kelvin Harmon was dropped in a league of mine and someone spent about 65% of their FAAB on him. I spent like 55% cause I went cheap and didn’t get him and I fully regretted not going 100.

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