Marquise Brown for Antonio Gibson?

I have a ton of WR depth like Jefferson and Claypool as well as Woods Cooper Mclaurin. My rbs are CEH Lev Bell Zeke Gaskin Dobbins and kelley. I want another running back I can plug in and I think this is a good trade. Thoughts?

Hollywood Brown is either a love him or hate him player. There’s no middle ground it seems when trying to trade him (I know from experience). It’s a fair offer, but my guess is the Gibson owner isn’t going to take that trade unless they have great RB depth.

If you were offered this, you should hit accept so hard you need to buy a new phone. If you’re trying to make an offer, you’ll probably need to make a better offer

The guy im trading with really likes hollywood because he has lamar and he also is kinda based on if a player does good one week he likes him if he does bad he doesnt and hollywood just had a good week and gibson was meh so this could work out

if you can swing it, great trading! always good to know your leaguemates!

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