Marquise Goodwin or Mike Wallace?

I’ve already locked up no worse than the 2nd seed, but we have one more week before our playoffs so this is more of a move to be ready for weeks 15 and 16. I will be dropping Devante Parker for one of these guys and want your input on which one I should pick up.

My other receivers are Cooks, Evans, Crowder and D. Thomas.


It’s a half-PPR league, we start 3 WRs and a flex.

I’m honestly pretty excited to see what goodwin can do with garappolo, he’s been consistent over the past couple of games and gets tons of looks. Only problem is that week 16 matchup with jax


I went for Goodwin but had wallace as my second claim attempt. I only prioritized goodwin over wallace because wallace has burned me so many times in years past.

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I looked at these two last night and their matchups and decided on Wallace. Today I didn’t feel so excited about him and realized he’s probably a little too boom/bust and I decided to grab Goodwin instead. The change at QB may make Goodwin really valuable and I just didn’t see Wallace having that potential with Flacco.

I think my equipment manager hates me getting guys and then cutting them 12 hours later.