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Marshawn adp?


Where you guys drafting Marshawn in a 12-man PPR? Taking him before lamar and Jordan Howard?


I would say before Miller after Howard.


I know Miller didn’t do that well last year, but he had a lot stacked against him. I am a Texans fan here and what I see from my team is hope. Miller was looking at boxes stacked against the run game because our QB was so inaccurate that most secondaries cheated up and played man. He was also just a step from breaking a big run several times.

Howard is someone I think can be great, but I still think Miller is less risk than Lynch. Especially in PPR.


The difference in production between the two teams offenses should be wide. If you think about the number of goal-line opportunities Carr will set up for Marshawn that makes me lean even heavier in his favor. Better O-line too.


The Texans do have a bad O-Line that should improve to maybe ok. Although, the gap isn’t as wide as you think. Latavius had 38 to Miller’s 31 from inside the 20. And Miller’s numbers should go up now that we have passing threats.

That being said, no doubt Lynch gets more TDs. I just think the yards and receptions will overcome those numbers. Miller has a higher floor also no doubt. The questions is if Lynch is still himself or not, and will he get injured or not.