Marshawn Lynch & Devnte Parker for Julio Jones

Do you think it would benefit me if I traded away Lynch and Parker for Julio in a PPR format. My other RBs are LeSean McCoy, CJ Anderson, Chris Carson and Gio Benard. My other WRs are Larry Fitz, Watkins, TY Hilton and JJ Nelson.

I say absolutely. Lynch has looked like his old self but the Raiders don’t use him like he should be used. If you can make that trade I would do it.

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I doubt that the Julio owner will take this. But if somehow he does 100% do it.

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I’d do it all day. You RB depth is fine, and Julio is superior to Parker.

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Counter offer: Lynch, Parker and CJ Anderson for Julio and Crowell. Thoughts?

I don’t love that counter. I would try to package a WR instead of CJ Anderson. You are stacked with WR’s and will struggle with choosing which one to start, but getting rid of two RB’s will end up hurting you.

I agree. It’s not quite a deal breaker but I’d try to retain CJ and move someone else. If this is his final offer I’d strongly consider it, but make sure you can move one of your receiving core for a good back first.