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Marshawn Trade


I get Marshawn
I give up Thielen, Buck Allen

My WR are Dez, Demaryius, Davante Adams
My RB are Demarco, James White, Chris Thompson, Sproles

0.5 pt PPR, what do ya’ll think?


idk about giving up Thielen AND Buck Allen… Its a trade you should look to do but i would try and give Sproles or Thompson instead of Allen.


Maybe in a non-PPR league, but not in .5 or full. Marshawn is good, but won’t supplant the receptions you’ll get from Buck Allen, or Thielen (when Bradford is healthy). That said, Bradford isn’t healthy.


Buck Allen will put up more points this year than Marshawn will in PPR


Do the deal. We are talking about “BEAST” mode. Allen is a backup filling in right now. Thielen is a bench player who you only start if one of your starters is down.