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Martavis B. + Joe Mixon + Kenny G. - Jordan Howard & Sammy Watkins


I was offered

Jordan Howard & Sammy Watkins


Joe Mixon
Marty McBride
Kenny G.



Bump for reply


I like the jordan howard side better


That’s what I’m thinking


yea I think I would accept this trade…

help with mine…


I would either play Parker or Duke Johnson


One more bump


Dynasty/ keeper league or redraft.

All over this in redraft.

If it’s dynasty I’m still probably for it, Watkins is in a good situation it seems and Howard’s talent is great.


This is a one player/first round keeper league.

I believe in Mixon’s talent but his offensive line is trash.

Martavis has been a couple inches away from blowing up, while Watkins is in a good offense but isn’t getting consistent targets for some reason.

I do think Howard would be a significant upgrade over Mixon this season though.



One more bump for any final opinions


I think it’s a fairly even trade, but I’d lean to the Howard side. Watkins should improve as the year goes in as long as he’s healthy.


That’s what I’m thinking too