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Martavis Bryant or Keelan Cole?!


I made it to the Ship and I am trying to bring home that footclan title! You all have helped me out so much, along with the podcast. This is my team, feel free to nitpick anything else you want. But my biggest concern is who do I play as my flex, Bryant or Cole?!


I do not see whether it is a ppr or standard. Jags have said Lee is out. This means Westbrook will be WR1 and Cole WR2 instead of playing on a three WR set up. Bryant is also WR2 like Cole. This is a very tough choice but favor Bryant because he is more experienced and Brown is out this week.


Sorry, it is PPR, I am leaning Bryant as well just scared because it is a monday game and it’s road big ben…but Cole also just got back Hurns I believe even though he isn’t 100 percent so I think I am going to roll the dice with Bryant and hope that Cole doesn’t go off so I don’t feel guilty lol


Thank you btw!


I would not put too much weight on Big Bens away record. Last away game to Cincy: 24 completions , 280 yards , and 2TDs. Bryant has been inconsistent this year and but has incentive
To Prove himself to the Steelers especially with Brown out of lineup.


I’d go with Bryant. Your line up has an overall “safe”floor. With AB gone Bryant has boom potential against Houston’s Defense. I believe Hurns is going to play on Sunday and with fournette back too makes Jags offense open.


Thanks!! I’m going with Bryant


Thanks ! Wish me luck lol


I have a similar team, so are you starting Dez Bryant over Keelan Cole? I’m an underdog projected to lose by 19 points, so I need a high ceiling guy.


In my PPR ESPN league it shows Cole to not be projected for a hot game so I am nervous…I am leaning Dez just cause he got me here and apparently the Seahawks secondary without Sherman isn’t doing that great…so I am leaning Dez


Cole has been more consistent lately than Cole or Westbrook.