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Martavis bryant ranked ahead of melvin gordon?


In PPR Mike? Bryant over Gordon? Seriously? can you explain?


Where do you see this???


UDK Top 200, PPR rankings when you expand on the player to see each of the Ballers’ individual rankings.


Just an FYI, you aren’t supposed to use the UDK by looking at the top 200. They only do it because everyone asks for it.


It does have its place. The league I drafted with 5 flex spots that was all I used. Also it’s helpful for a complete newbie. If you knew nothing of fantasy you’d be very likely to draft Rodgers being that he’s in a tier by himself.


How do you use the UDK? I’m new to it so help me expand my horizons!


Start here: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/fantasy-football-draft-kit/