Martin/Fitz for Ajayi/Jordy?

Hi all,

10 team, PPR with a 3-3 record. My trade partner, who just beat me this week, is 2-4, also not in my division.

I would give Doug Martin and Larry Fitzgerald for Jay Ajayi and Jordy Nelson. I like Ajayi’s potential, but not his consistency, but I desperately need a high upside RB. I think I can survive even if Jordy becomse a WR2 under Hundley with the rest of my WR depth, especially if Diggs can get healthy.

Rest of my roster is as follows:

QB: Palmer
RB: Martin (would be Ajayi)
RB: Duke Johnson
WR: Fitz (would be Jordy)
WR: Crabtree
TE: Ertz
Flex: Doug Baldwin
DST: Seahawks (picked up this week.)
K: Lutz

Buck Allen
Blow Pow!!
Chris Ivory
David Johnson on IR

Any thoughts? I’m tempted to take it.

I’d rather stay put concerning the situation in Green Bay. I’m not sure about Ajayi right now. He hasn’t looked great, though he’s getting huge volume.

Not sure I would do that. At best I think it’s a lateral move. It’s close, but I think I would take Martin over Ajayi (splitting hairs really), but would take Jordy over Fitz (again splitting hairs). Fitz is pretty high floor, and you are jumping a bit into the unknown with Jordy right now.

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