Martin for Landry?

Is giving up Doug Martin too much for Jarvis Landry in my situation?

Full PPR
RBs - Ajayi, D Martin, J Mixon, D Murray, CJ Anderson, W Smallwood, R Kelley
WRs - G Tate, P Garcon, A Thielen, TY Hilton, C Davis

I think I would do that trade in your situation. You don’t have an AMAZING RB core, but I think you receive an overall bigger upgrade at the WR than your downgrade at RB. Especially in a full PPR

I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You basically already have 2 Jarvis Landry’s on your team in Thielen/Tate. Thielen is a top 8 guy in PPR up to this point, and Tate is up there as well. If you add Landry, you just have muddier waters to deal with in your WR core, because you have 3 of the same type of players. And not to mention Garcon/Hilton, who are both good WR assets for sure. I would look to upgrade at WR or RB, not acquire the same level of talent.