Martin for Newton

Sup footclan. Would you trade Doug Martin for Cam Newton in standard leagues? I just got this trade from someone.

Who is your Qb now and what running backs do you have?

Cam has been inconsistent and not sure if it was good Panthers or bad Dolphins.

Doug Martin should continue to get volume and this is a good week for him to bounce back but if he doesn’t do it this week I’m looking elsewhere.

Guess u have to weigh ur options. If ur slim at rb i wouldn’t. If ur hurting at Qb maybe.

I currently have Goff and Mccown. I’d be ditching Mccown and going after a streamable RB. My current RBs are D Murray, McCaffrey, Hunt, and Ajayi

I HAD Watson but things happened and I had to scour the waiver wire for my current two.

Goff has looked good but has a tough matchup this week so I wouldn’t overreact if he doesn’t go crazy. In playoffs he has the Cardinals and philly…cam has saints and Vikings… Doug Martin has packers and lions.

Idk I like goff. They are the highest scoring offense right now.

Is that a real trade? Doug Martin for Cam Newton? Take cam all day over Doug anyday…