Martin, Lockett or Mack in FLEX?

Standard league, projected to win by 30 after Thursday and Saturday games so I need a SAFE floor.

Opponent has 59 points with only Mixon left to play.
I have 26 with Wilson, Fournette, Jones, Evans, Hilton?, and a flex.

I’m not confident in any of my match ups this week so I need someone nice and safe.

Martin @ Cin - Raiders offense scares me. Mixon will run the clock out of that game fast.
Lockett @ SF - Might have to sub him in for Hilton
Mack vs Dal - Worst match up but feels the safest here with Indy rolling.

Win this week and I’m in the money! Thanks Footclan.

I have Mack, I’m not confident in him at all, but I have to play him. I have TY as well and I think he plays and has a nice week. Looks to me like you have the right order. Martin, then Lockett, then Mack. Good luck this week.

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How the heck did that happen?? I got points from Mack but he also ruined my week by taking points from everyone else :confused: And the Colts defense was so good they took Luck out of the game. Ugh, didn’t want to lose like that.

Yeah I was so distraught after that loss that I didn’t even come back to the forums until now.

I should have known better. He’s Doug Martin now, not the Muscle Hamster we all knew and loved.

RIP Muscle Hamster