Martin or CMC full point ppr help----

Still cant figure out which one to start-i get a point per rush and 2 for a catch and .020 per yard-Martin gets volume but really how good is Carolina’s defense? CMC catches alot of passes but no big yardage on rushes or catches-If he were getting chunks of run yardage it would be a no brainer-I think he just needs to be a slot receiver in my opinion-Got Kamara and Mixon but dont trust Mixon and Bears front seven are decent-Can anyone give me reasoning on this? thanks again–

Thought on this anyone? thanks

I don’t know that there’s a clear right/wrong answer here. CMC gets a ton of catches for a RB. Something like 6-7 per game. But then he doesn’t get many carries and his yds/carry # is pretty bad. Martin is the better runner, but he gets next to no receptions and the Panthers run D has been very solid this year - plus Kuechly is back playing. All said, I’d probably play Martin because he’s more likely to get a bunch of carries, for which you get 1pt each , and a TD at home. He’s more likely to get 20 carries than CMC is to get 10 catches, in other words.

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Ok thank you! Also would you play Kamara instead of those 2??

I like Kamara a lot. He’s been getting 8-10 carries and 3-5 receptions per game. And he’s explosive. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these plays. I wish I had your problem… All said, I think I’d probably lean to the guy who’s gonna get the most touches, and that’s Martin.


Hey thanks again! Much appreciated!

Thinking of just staring Mixon now over the terrible Colts defense-Martins scares me against Carolina-Guess I will bench CMC and Kamara-Am I making the smart move full point PPR?