Martin or Mixon as Flex start?

I have to start one of them…I love mixon’s Matchup but I don’t trust the coaching staff…any thoughts?

Martin is My choice

Mixon to me has higher upside if the coaching staff realizes his talent. Could be a positive game script for them as well. Martin would have a lower floor based on the volume you know you are getting, but carolina’s run d is fairly stout. So if you look upside, Mixon. Safer bet, Martin.

My dude! I am in the same situation but I am starting Martin :slight_smile:

I like going with the more reliable player who. I know they are playing Carolina but I like a bounce back game from Dougie after last week.

You hit it on the dot, that coaching stuff is atrocious…you can could argue a case for both but I would go Martin!

I actually have both as well, and am going Mixon against an awful Colts defense. We just saw Henry & Demarco tear them up so even if the coaching staff continues to confuse there should be enough running room for all rbs here. My team is fairly loaded so maybe I can take a gamble with Mixon (I have Lev Bell).

Hahaha i asked this question yesterday and got mixed responses. We’re all in the same boat - my solution is trying to trade one of them right now lol! Ultimately I will probably go with mixon, I still want to hear if kuechly will play or not - that may tilt the side in favor of martin. But gamescript is better for bengals here.

Thanks I’m starting Freeman & Hunt but I’m in a 3 WR league and I have 4 receivers not on bye. The 4th is Garçon and I’m confident Martin or Mixon is a better option than Garçon. I guess I’ll just go down to the last minute and pick who I feel best about. I really want it to be Mixon because I traded for him week 1 and have yet to play him…