Martin or Mixon ROS?

Who would you rather have rest of season? Looking to include one in a trade offer.

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Any thoughts?

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I just got Martin & DeVante Parker in a trade for Jordan Howard. I like Martin ros or I would not have done the trade. Fitzpatrick is a good enough quarterback to move the ball, they have very talented receivers in TB, should open better running lanes in other weeks. Just a bad game against the Jets.

Martin has a better schedule, but Mixon will be getting more volume. Its only Mixon and Bernard in Cincy, Martin has more competition but that can also keep him healthier and less beat up. I would lean Martin, slightly better offense, better schedule. Mixon is a better looking name right now and can probably get you more in a trade than Martin too.

I would trade Mixon, I feel like most would disagree, but thats my perspective for you. Good luck.

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I actually agree with you. The only game that worries me for mattin is carolina week 16.

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Doug Martin and Joe Mixon have a lot of the same problems. Coaches putting their runners in bad situations, bad O-lines, bad QB play, and coaches giving carries to other backs.

That being said…Doug Martin is head and shoulders above any other runner in that backfield talent-wise. Joe has NOT shown that he is better than Gio. In fact, I would argue that Gio should be getting more work simply because he has more big play ability. Joe Mixon reminds me of Texans Miller. He looks like he is one step from breaking a huge run, but he can’t seem to break any real tackles.

I would go with Doug Martin and hope that Tampa figures out how not to over-complicate an offense.

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I agree, and I hope you’re right, for my sake and for jaynebra.

I’ve cut Martin in my standard league as he’s cost me too many times.

Martin is the man. Keep firing him up.