Martin or Richard 1/2 pt ROS?

Martin or Richard 1/2 pt ROS?

Good question I was thinking of dropping lunch and adding one. I’m full ppr so leaning Richard

I grabbed Richard since he’s already been heavily involved and I think game scripts will favor him. Martin is a coin flip on whether or not he’ll be good

Would you guys be comfortable dropping lynch for him? I believe he is the better option over martin

I dropped Lynch since my league doesn’t have an IR spot. Sounds like he might end up on the IR anyway, so I don’t think he’s worth holding for now

Yah I dont have a IR either. Who did you grab in his place

I grabbed Richard right after I traded for Lynch, and then took Duke Johnson in Lynch’s spot (since I’m in a full PPR). I have a waiver claim to drop Richard for Aaron Jones as well

Your waivers have more options by the sounds of it lol