Marvel (Comics) League

[[[TL;DR or “Skip the pitch, I’m in!”: jump to the last line.]]]

Welcome to the first day of the 2021 Fantasy Football season! (Unless you’re an Neanderthal [ Homo neanderthalensis] with a Week 17 game.)

I’m starting a new themed league (for the rest of us Superhumans [Homo superior]), the Marvel Fantasy Football Universe (MFFU), based on Marvel Comics books and movies. There’s more here than just calling your team something like “The Iron Men” and calling it a day, and yes, at its core the league is still more fantasy football than anything else, but it’s going to take way more than having a lucky draft and setting your lineup every week to be crowned the Champ here. In fact, to have anything other than an unlucky draft, you’ll need to participate in our first off-season event, centered around the NFL draft. I wonder who the Jaguars will pick?

Pick 'em pools, survivor pools, prop bets, boom/bust predictions, team-ups, Pro Bowls, vampire/pirate teams, guillotine matchups, and oh yeah, managing a razor-thin roster with only a shallow FA pool; this isn’t baby’s first fantasy league. There’s a lot to take in and we need to get started, beginning with gauging interest.

The basic details are: Free, Sleeper, 16 teams, 1QB/5Flex, ½PPR. Reply here if you’re interested and I’ll send you a DM with more details.