Marvel vs DC theme league. 3 keepers. ESPN. 1 SPOT JUST OPENED UP!

It’s the smackdown you’ve been waiting for! 12 team/ Ballers preferred scoring / 3 keepers

Roster set up: No kickers or defense! 1 qb/ 2 rb / 3 wr/ 1 te/ 1 Flex

email me at with “Marvel vs DC” if you want to join this league, and please tell me which division (side) you want me to put you under. Team name must be changed to a Marvel/DC theme by draft date. This is a ESPN league.


7 spots left!!

Hey, let me know if there’s still some spots, just shot you an email!

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Thanks for joining bro. 6 spots available.

Is there a buy in?

Is this an auction draft or snake?

Just sent you an e-mail, bub.

No buy in. Its free. Just be active is all I ask for

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Snake draft

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I replied answering your questions. Thank you. Invitation link is in the email as well.

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3 spots left

1 spot left!!!

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1 spot just opened up! Email me at ASAP. Draft is Sunday, Aug 20th, at 9 pm central

Just sent you an email, if there is still an opening.

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Sent out the invitation. Whoever accepts first gets in. As of now it’s still open. So if you can email me ASAP you might get it instead lol

I’m interested

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Invite sent fellas. Opened up another spot

any spots left? I’d love to join!

Any spots left?