Marvin Jones and Ajayi for Jordan Howard?

WR Depth chart: OBJ, TY Hilton, Alshon Jeffrey, Hogan, Watkins, Kupp
RB: Mixon/Bernard, Michel, Kerryon Johnson, Breida,

I don’t think you necessarily need to do this – it’s a pretty even trade depending on one’s optimism about Ajayi. I would take the trade though given your depth and Kupp’s ridiculous performance tonight.

I’d make this trade. Definitely prefer Howard to Ajayi ROS and your WR depth is pretty dope. YOu also don’t want to stack Jeffrey and Ajayi. YOu’re never really playing both of them.

I’d take the trade too. Ajayi has been productive but TD dependent and injury prone. I like Howard ROS by a significant chunk over Ajayi and Marvin Jones isn’t enough to make up for that for me