Marvin Jones and Kirk Cousins for Goff?

Marvin Jones and Kirk Cousins for Goff?

I already have Matt Ryan. Would Jones be a good pick up?

If you’re trading Goff away it makes more sense, but i’m not that high on Marvin Jones anymore. He’ll get work, but he’s not gonna be who he was last year. Kenny G is just bigger faster stronger etc.

Yeah I would be trading Goff. Marvin would mostly be on my bench though since I have Antonio Brown and Digss. I just need more WR depth.

QB trades are rough, because you kind of have to roll with what you can get. But if you have Matt Ryan and you’re playing him and this is really the only way to get a WR for goff then you might have to go for it.

Should I be trying to get someone better for Goff? If so who?

it depends on the rosters in your league. I’d personally rather have Boyd, but value is mostly dependent upon who has who and who needs what. If there are 2 QB needy teams and only 1 has assets they can sell then that’s the best offer you can realistically take.

The issue with “is this trade good” on these forums is that everyone ignores those facts. So IMO i’d want Boyd for Goff but realistically the team who needs goff might only have MJJ so you can either hold goff or sell for MJJ. To me i end up selling if that’s the best i can realistically get if MJJ helps me win more than goff is by being on my bench. make sense?

Yeah makes sense. Currently I am 0-4, that’s why I am looking for trades.

Yeah I’d just look at who is weak at QB and what are they loaded up on. Then try and snag the best piece you can that doesnt’ kill their team, usually that’s liek WR3 when they have 2 that are close in rankings.

Quarterbacks are fairly meaningless unless you’re in a 2 QB league tbh. So you are essentially adding Marvin Jones for free. Do this deal. Golladay is getting all of the hype, but anyone who has actually watched the Lions games sees how involved Marvin is in the red zone + his big play ability. He could have easily had 3 additional touch downs on the season that were either slightly over thrown or called back by penalty. He’s an elite receiving talent, but obviously Golladay does cap his upside. However, you are not really giving up anything to get him in my eyes. I’d arguably rather have Cousins than Goff anyhow.