Marvin Jones Dropped. Pick up?

Have Jones, D Parker, Tyreek Hill, Ginn, Golladay, Gabriel. Who would you drop?

Also have Lacy and L Murray asking to be cut…

People are over reacting on Golloday as he only played about half of the snaps so Jones still has value. Downside is that you already have so many WRs that adding more depth there doesn’t really help you. Might be better off grabbing a RB like Carson, Foreman or Perine off waivers and stashing them instead of bulking up on WR.

I drafted Golladay so I wouldn’t say I overreacted and got him. I’m just wondering if Jones would be better than my current bench. Maybe I could pair him with like a Parker for an RB2 trade. I tried to grab cohen or any RB because I lost Woodhead so all i have is Hunt and a sad Abdullah. I did get bucky

Murray did not look good when he played, fumbled on his first run. Played 3 snaps, and is behind Cook and McKinnon. Marvin Jones is definitely worth the pickup, at least for trade bait after he has a blowup game or two. Even though you don’t have much RB depth, might be worth it to drop Murray and use him towards a future RB trade.

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